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INTAROTIVE Major Arcana Tarot Coloring Pages Tarot Card Designs Esoteric Artwork
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Learn the symbolic language of Tarot

Intricate coloring pages based on traditional Tarot compositions featuring hand-drawn designs infused with esoteric symbols & spiritual correspondences.

The becoming of a coloring book & future deck. 

Get coloring pages now & join INTAROTIVE to learn Tarot together.


  • Major Arcana Card Designs as Coloring Pages

    • Also available as Wall Posters & T-Shirts

  • Tarot & Oracle Reading Printables (Downloadable PDFs)

  • Lifestyle Printables

  • elysian8dreams designs boutique


INTAROTIVE stands for Intuitive Tarot Narratives.

It’s a word I came up with early on in my study, when I first felt inspired to share what I was learning. It describes how an understanding of Tarot unfolds: Intuitively through the narratives that form in consciousness.

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